Corporate Information

Founded in 1669 (Eighth year on the throne of Emperor Kangxi, Qing Dynasty), Beijing Tong Ren Tang was the only one serving the royal families with Chinese medicine for 188 years over the reign of eight emperors since 1723. Beijing Tong Ren Tang was renowned in the Chinese medicine industry nationally. Inheriting the Tong Ren Tang’s corporate motto of "Complexity and quality are not to be forfeited by costs" over 350 years, we are self-disciplined to offer products and services with quality. We are cautious in our manufacturing process and look for excellence, our products are famous and hereditary with its unique formulas, superior raw materials, superb technical skills and distinguished efficacy.

Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company Limited ("the Group"), as the overseas development platform for Tong Ren Tang, the Group maintains a solid foundation in Hong Kong and aims for the global market, undertaking the mission of introducing TCM culture to the world. We are endeavored to pass the knowledge and craftsmanship of medicine preparation to the next generation, drive the modernization of TCM and explore its application. By taking a culture-first approach in introducing medicine through treatments, we aim to expedite the internationalization of TCM.

The Group was set up in Hong Kong in 2004. It was listed in GEM in 2013 and successfully transferred of listing from GEM to the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2018. The Group is endeavored to our corporate motto "Nurturing kindness and virtue, Preserving tranquility and wellness" since its inception. And it adheres to the principle of the "Two must not-dos" in terms of product responsibility, which is incorporated and implemented in product research and development, production and management. In pursuit of economic, social and environmental sustainability, not only does it offer high-quality products and healthcare services to the world, but also actively fulfils corporate social responsibility.

Today, the Group has its business on five continents and operates about 140 branches in 28 countries and regions overseas. Besides, the Group has the research and development manufacturing plant while its modern facilities exceeded the local and international standard qualification that includes GMP and ISO 22000:2005 certification and so on.

Brand Origin

Established in 1669 (Eighth year on the throne of Emperor Kangxi, Qing Dynasty),Tong Ren Tang has a history over 350 years. Yue Xianyang, as the imperial physician at that time, was the founder of Tong Ren Tang. He established the first drug hall to serve the public in good medicines. This drug hall was named "Tong Ren" as Yue Xianyang liked the term of "Tong Ren" for its meaning and elegance in sound. "Tong Ren", sourced from Yi Jing, means just and fair to everyone in Chinese. And, the legend of Tong Ren Tang starts.

For the efficacy and high quality of medicines of Tong Ren Tang, they were nominated by Emperor Yong as the imperial medicine supplier for royal family in 1723. Since then, the nomination had been lasted for 188 years over the reign of eight emperors at Qing Dynasty. All along the years, Beijing Tong Ren Tang constantly incorporates the motto spirit of "Despite the complexity of processing medicine, no compromise on cost; despite the rareness of ingredients, no compromise on quality." With the ancient prescriptions and imperial secret receipt, they researched and developed lots of TCM products to serve the world.